About Us

Our story is built on the desire to contribute to the art and science of leadership through effective and efficient performance management.

Today’s managers are inundated with responsibilities, which conflict with their ability to consistently track performance and gain insight into their employee’s development. This often results in challenges such as: sub-par performance, disengagement, high employee turnover, overall inefficiency or inconsistent results. As a leader in your industry, you deserve to have easy access to insights that can significantly improve performance within your business, motivate and engage your employees and encourage organizational growth.

Performance Management sometimes sounds like one of those complicated processes that companies have to deal with, right? It often is as complex as it sounds, but it does not need to be. This entire process comes down to evaluating, tracking and measuring the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees in order to gain insight into their progress and their contribution to organizational objectives.

We have been passionate about employee performance and development for over 20 years as sales leaders and educators who experienced inefficiencies and ineffectiveness first hand. We are excited to change the way performance is managed, today and in the future.